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Jack Edwards National Airport

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Jack Edwards National Airport proudly serves as an important aviation hub for the entire Gulf Coast and South Alabama as the prime destination for travelers arriving for business and pleasure.

Just minutes from The Wharf Marina, Jack Edwards Airport is located approximately 2 miles north of the central business district of Gulf Shores, Alabama. The field elevation is 16 feet MSL and the existing airport reference point (ARP) is latitude 30* 17' 25.65" N, longitude 87* 40' 18.40" W.

The Airport is currently served by two paved runways designated 9/27 and 17/35. Runway 9/27, the primary runway, is 6,962' x 100' with a 462 displaced threshold to Runway 9. Runway 17/35, the crosswind or secondary runway, is 3,599' x 70'.